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Using CounterPath Bria with the WhiteSky PBX

In the Bria app go to accounts and tap the "+" button.
Select SIP from the "User-defined Generic Accounts" heading.
This will bring up a screen that says "New SIP Account".

Account Name: WhiteSky PBX

User Details
Display As: <YOUR NAME>
Domain: <PBX DOMAIN NAME e.g.>

Voice Mail
VM Number: *97

Navigate to Account Advanced below "Voice Mail"

Advanced Settings
Account Additional
**Leave these at their defaults

Send DTMF using: RFC 2833

Media Network Traversal
Suppress STUN Wi-Fi: Off
Suppress STUN Mobile: Off
Use ICE Wi-Fi: Off
Use ICE Mobile: Off

SIP Network Traversal
Global IP WI-FI: Off
Global IP Mobile: Off

Call Dialing
Use Tel Uri: Off

Transport and Security
SIP Transport: TCP
Encrypt Audio: Never

SIP Registration
Incoming Calls: On
Refresh Interval: 600

Keep Alive
WI-FI Interval: 60
Mobile Interval: 15

SIP Miscellaneous
Show Miscellaneous: On
Single Register: Off
Passive Session Timer: On
Connection Reuse: On
Enable IMS: Off


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