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Digital TV Setup

If you have a new TV or are not receiving all channels, you may need to perform a channel scan.  In most cases, performing a simple channel scan will locate all the provided channels.

To begin, you will need a cable-ready television with a QAM tuner.  Ensure the television antenna input is connected to the wall plate with a high quality RG6 coaxial cable and perform the following steps to program your television.

Since televisions differ in the way their menus are set up, these steps may vary. Always refer to your television Owner's Manual for specific directions.

  • Locate your remote control.
  • Go into the menu mode on your television.
  • Select Auto Scan, Auto Program, Channel Setting, or similar option from the menu.
  • Enable either Cable or CATV mode (Do not select the antenna mode).
  • Perform a Channel Scan.

Please note: The channel scan will take some time to complete once it is finished, you should see all the channels provided at your community.  It is important to allow the device to completely scan to 100%. If all the channels do not appear after the scan, you may try performing the scan a second time. Some tuners do not always pick up all the channels in a single scan. If you only have up to channel 13 after you scan, your TV was in "Antenna/Air" Mode. Double check that the TV is in Cable Mode and re-scan.

If you do not receive a signal for your channels or if you are still experiencing problems with the video service, please contact WhiteSky Technical Support.


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